AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Oct. 11, 2013

Minutes (Draft)
AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Friday, October 11, 2013
1:00-3:00 PM, Honors Hall conference room
Voting Members: Michael Thomsen (Chair), Ashley Dowling (secretary), Nick Anthony, Leslie Edgar, Ed Gbur, David Kreider, Mary Savin, Thomas Costello, Ioannis Tzanetakis, Luke Howard, Jeff Miller
Non-voting: Kelly Way, Jody Davis, Lona Robertson, Alice Griffin, Mark Arnold
Approval of Agenda: Anthony moved. Kreider seconded. The motion passed.
Approval of previous minutes: Gbur moved. Milus seconded. The motion passed.
Dean's Office Reports: Lona had three main points:
1) Everyone needs to use UA Success. Dean's office needs to see notes on what advising has taken place in order to respond properly to students.
2) Turn curriculum committee material into Dean's office in a timely manner.
3) Faculty and students are responsible for keeping track of student credit hours beyond the 85 credit-hour audit done by Jody. The Dean's office does not capability to handle work volume coming in from checks every semester.
HESC Curriculum Committee Report ‐ Kelly Way
Proposed Graduate Programs in Statistics and Analytics ‐ Mark Arnold, Mathematics: Twelve departments on campus teach statistics and this is an effort to have an interdisciplinary graduate program. Aim to create a statistics and analytics institute in the future. Currently there are no commonly required courses across the different focus areas within the MS and PhD programs. Also wanted to leave the list of potential courses large so advisors and students could structure the program as needed.
Old Business
1. Course Changes. Costello moved to accept all course changes on 2nd reading. Kreider seconded. Motion passed.
a. AGEC 4623 International Agricultural Trade and Commercial Policy (new course)
b. AGEC 5103 Agricultural Microeconomics (new course)
c. AGEC 5623 Quantitative Food and Agricultural Policy Analysis (new course)
d. ANSC3072 Equine Selection & Evaluation (new course)
e. ANSC 4072 Advanced Equine Selection & Evaluation (new course)
f. ANSC 4173 Survey of the Thoroughbred Industry (new course)
g. CSES4553 Wetland Soils (new course)
2. Program Changes. Gbur moved to accept all program changes, except deletion of Global AFLS Minor, on 2nd reading. Anthony seconded. Motion passed.
a. AGECMS (changes to accommodate new courses)
b. AFLS‐M (delete Global AFLS minor) - tabled
d. ANSC Equine Minor – advanced animal handling added to the core requirements to provide better exposure for students to a diversity of animals. Required credit hours changed from 22 to 24.
New Business
1. Course Changes
a. ANSC 4142 Advanced Animal Handling Techniques – will provide students with exposure to a diversity of animals. Gbur moved to accept on 1st and 2nd reading. Kreider seconded. Motion passed.
b. ELAC 4043 Research Writing in the STEM Fields – both ELAC courses are intended only for international students. Miller moved to express support for these two courses. Kreider seconded. Motion passed.
c. ELAC 4033 Research Writing for the Social Sciences and Education – see above
2. Program changes
a. Statistics and Analytics MS Program – Discussion centered on whether faculty and course resources were available to sustain a MS and the consensus was yes. Kreider moved to express support for the MS program as proposed. Gbur seconded. Motion passed 8-1
b. Statistics and Analytics PhD Program – there is concern that faculty and course resources are not in place to sustain a PhD in statistics and that a significant number of faculty would need to be hired and PhD level courses would need to be created. Anthony moved that the committee oppose the PhD program as proposed until a firm university commitment is made to provide adequate faculty resources and PhD level courses to bring it up to viable levels. Savin seconded. Motion passed.
c. CPMG Minor – mostly housekeeping changes to both minors. Savin moved to accept changes on 1st and 2nd read. Kreider seconded. Motion passed.
d. ESWS Minor – see above
e. Communication intensive substitution for student with a double major in Business (WCOB) and Poultry. Wants to substitute 18 hours of Chinese in place of the communication intensive class. Costello moved to deny request. Gbur seconded. Motion passed 7-2
f. Student wants 9 hours of AFLS broadening electives waved. Some on the committee felt a double major was sufficient broadening experience, but others disagreed because the other major is not in AFLS. Committee did concede that 6 hours of economics taken in WCOB should count towards broadening electives. Kreider moved to accept 6 hours of WCOB economics classes as broadening electives, leaving the student with only three hours remaining. Gbur seconded. Motion passed.
December Meeting – not planned unless curriculum issues arise.