AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Nov. 4, 2005

Minutes of the DBCALFS Agriculture Curriculum Committee
November 4, 2005, 1:30 pm

APC Conference Room
Members Present: Ahrendsen (for Parsch), Brown, Costello, Johnson, Gbur, Graham, Hettiarachchy, Lindstrom, Milus (for Rothrock), Scott
Absent: Emmert, Miller, Fitch-Hilgenberg
Guests: Stephens, A.
1. Call to order:
Chair Hettiarachchy called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm.
2. Approval of Agenda:
The agenda for the meeting was approved.
3. Approval of Minutes:
The minutes for the October meeting were approved.
4. Old Business:
1. Ahrendsen presented information on major changes to AGEC 4413, Economics of Environmental Management. The department proposes to change the course number and name to AGEC 5133, Agricultural and Environmental Resource Economics, and allow only graduate students to enroll. After discussion concerning pre-requisites for students with a M.S., the proposal passed the second reading.
2. Ahrendsen presented information on major changes to AGEC 4303, Advanced Agricultural Marketing Management. The department proposes to change the course title, content and pre-requisites. The new title for the course will be AgriBusiness Entrepreneurship. Possible overlap with courses in Walton College of Business was discussed. The committee also suggested that perhaps this be made a new course rather than as a major change to AGEC 4303. The proposal passed the second reading. The committee asked to be informed if AEAB decides to add a new course (in lieu of completely changing the content of the current AGEC 4303).
5. New Business:
3. Ahrendsen presented information on changes to the Agricultural Business Minor. Classes no longer offered are to be deleted from the minor. Additional courses are to be added to the list of "controlled electives" to allow for greater flexibility and to allow for pre-requisites for certain courses. The proposal to change the minor passed the first reading.
4. Milus presented information on changes to PLPA 5303, Advanced Plant Pathology: Host-Pathogen Interactions. To reflect the change in one of the instructors for the class, the course content is to be altered. The proposal passed the first reading.
5. Minor Changes to the curriculum: HORT 5043, Advanced Plant Breeding will now be taught in Spring, odd years. ENSC 4034, Analysis of Environmental Contaminants will now have a non-credit lab. The pre-requisites for FDSC 4713, Food Product and Process Development, were changed.
6. Report from the HES subcommittee No official report, although Dean Graham did alert the committee to a large number of changes forthcoming.
7. Report from the Dean's Office
Dean Graham distributed 8 and 9-semester plans to members of the committee. She asked the members to review the plans as far as correct courses, correct sequence of classes and proper sequence of pre-requisites. This review should be completed by 11/15/05. Also forthcoming will be catalogue changes to reflect Act 1014.
8. Announcements
The next meeting will be held December 2, 2005, at 1:30 pm, in the APC Conference Room.
9. Adjournment The meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Jon T. Lindstrom