AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Nov. 21, 2008

Approved Minutes of Agricultural Curriculum Committee Meeting
November 21, 2008

Agenda approved after revision to include discussion of communication intensive courses under new business.
Minutes of previous meeting approved without revision.
Handed out a list of minor changes to animal science courses that were approved at the December meeting.
Dean's office report – Alice Griffin
The Dean's office should do the final approval of check sheets; some have been distributed before final approval and have mistakes.
Received a list of courses with no enrollment during the last 5 years.
Old Business
Information only - received a letter of notification concerning a new Policy Studies in Aging program. The only AFLS course included in this program is HESC 5403 and the HESC curriculum committee has already given their approval.
Discussed the proposed M.S. degree in Sustainability Analysis. Moved and voted to table any further discussion or action until form 1622 is received.
New Business
Approved a minor in Agricultural Communications (ACOM). The minor is supported by the Journalism Dept. and replaces an Ag. Journalism minor previously administered jointly by AEED and Journalism.
Approved, after 1st and 2nd readings, updated separate check sheets for AGED, ASTM and ACOM concentrations in AEED. Previously AGED and ASTM were on the same check sheet. Eliminated the requirement for Chem 2613 and Chem 2611L for ASTM and ACOM concentration areas.
Approved changes in the course description for ENTO 4133, pending addition of syllabus.
Discussion of a Turf Management Minor was moved to the January 9, 2009 meeting.
Tabled, discussion to reactivate POSC 5742 and inactivate POSC 5752L. Voted to table the issue until further justification is provided and the proper forms are submitted.
Discussed why foreign languages are not considered to be communication intensive courses. It was decided to look into the criteria used to select the current list of communication intensive courses, and follow up at a future meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.
Respectfully submitted by Hayden Brown