AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Nov. 16, 2007

Minutes of the DBAFLS Curriculum Agriculture Subcommittee Meeting
16 November 2007 – APC Conference Room

1. Chair Curt Rom called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm. Members in attendance were Hayden Brown (ANSC), Jason Emmert (POSC), Ed Gbur (AGST), Luke Parsch (AEAB), Curt Rom (HORT), Craig Rothrock (PLPT), Freddie Scott (AGED), Ya-Jane Wang (FDSC).

2. The agenda was approved as distributed. The minutes from the Sept. 21 meeting were approved as distributed.

3. There was no report from the Dean's Office.

4. There was no old business.

5. New business.
(a) A proposal to expand POSC 5922 from an eight week course to a full semester course and change from 2 credits to 3 credits was presented. The new course would be POSC 5923. It would add a add to the existing course on the effect of the brain on various behaviors. Instructors for BIO 4793 and PSYC 6133 had been contacted and did not object to the changes. The proposal passed the first reading.

(b) A proposal for a new course, POSC 4923, was presented. It was proposed that this course would be taught at the same time in the same classroom as POSC 5923. The demand from undergraduates for this course is unknown and may be offered only every other year.

The Committee discussed the idea of two separate courses being taught at the same time as opposed to one 4000-level course with dual enrollment. The question arose as to whether or not policy issues were involved. It was decided to continue the discussion of this issue when the Dean is present at the meeting. The proposal passed the first reading as a separate course from POSC 5923.

(c) A proposal for a new course, HORT 3503, was presented. The course has been taught twice as a Special Topics course. The instructor for CSES 2302 had been contacted and did not object to the course. However, CSES did question having a 3000-level course which did not have any formal prerequisites. Curt was concerned that adding a formal prerequisite would limit enrollment. The proposal passed the first reading.
6. Other business.

Curt announced that the Dean had appointed a task force of faculty separate from the Curriculum Committee to study the issue of overall revision the undergraduate curriculum.

7. The meeting adjourned at 2:25 pm.