AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Nov. 11, 2009

Minutes, Curriculum Committee Meeting on November 11, 2009
POSC 413/414

Call to order: 8:30 AM
Review and approval of agenda

Approval of minutes for October 14, 2009
Approved without change

Report from the Deans Office

-Dr. Graham discussed the issues involved with Act 182 of the Arkansas Legislature:
• Departments will have to justify requirement for specific courses at 1000-2000 level.
◦ In ANSC why CHEM 1074 instead of another chem course in the state minimum core.
◦ Why ANSC 1032 Introduction to Animal Science
• Solution in most cases may be to make the courses specific prerequisites to other courses.
◦ This is going to need to be done by December of this year to make the next catalog.
Old Business

Study the communication section of the college degree plan

Inclusion of foreign language as communication intensive course
• Both of these items were tabled until changes to the English requirement have been implemented.
New Business – first readings

Leslie Dawn Edgar (AGED courses)
-AGED 5483 - Scientific and Technical Communication
• Tabled since it may represent duplication of CSES 5053 and and CSES 5103. CSES and AGED faculty will discuss prior to any further action
-AGED 5363 - Educational Delivery Techniques
• Description: The emphasis throughout the course will be to apply teaching and learning theory in the development of engaging instruction deliverred through electronic media. The goal of the course is not to make you an expert in "[programming" or "theory", but rather to prepare you with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to deliver curriculum through a variety of methods.
• Approved for first reading
Luke Parsch (AEAB courses)
- Courtesy announcement: Minor change to AGEC 2403 Quantitative Tools for Agribusiness.
- Old prerequisite: "AGEC 1103 Prin Agric Microecon and MATH 2053 Finite Math."
− New pre-requisites: "AGEC 1103 Prin Agric Microecon or ECON 2143 Basic Economics Theory and Practice, and MATH 2053 Finite Math."

• Dr. Gbur - AGST 4023 will be taught in the Spring and Fall semester of 2010. It will not be offered in the Spring of 2011 and will subsequently offered only during the Fall semester. Send comments to Dr. Gbur.
Adjourn 10:15 am