AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- May 5, 2006

Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences
Agriculture Curriculum Subcommittee
May 5, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Chair F. Scott (AGED).
Attending: Gbur (AGSL), Hettiarachachy (FDSC),, Parsch (AEAB), Rom (HORT), Brown (ANSC), Widemann (POSC), Emmert (POSC), Johnson (ENTO), Fitch-Hilgenberg (HESC), Graham (Assoc. Dean), Griffin (Advising and Retention).
1. The Agenda was presented by Chair Scott.
-Motion, second, and approved to accept the agenda as distributed.
2. The Minutes of the 7-March, 2006 meeting were discussed.
-The minutes were corrected to indicate that Brown (ANSC) attended the meeting.
-Motion, second, and approved to accept the agenda as distributed and corrected.
4. Old Business.
A. The proposed changes in ESWS major and minor degree program were not discussed due to lack of program representation.
B. The definition of the College Agriculture Curriculum requirement for a "communication intensive" (CI) course was discussed.
-The previously appointed ad hoc subcommittee of Gbur, Parsch, Rom, and Scott will meet during the summer to draft a definition of what constitutes a CI course and develop a college list from which departments could select courses. This will be reviewed at a future meeting.
5. New Business.
A. POSC presented a special topics course, "Companion Animal Nutrition". The potential audience, course level, and prerequisites for the course were discussed.
-Motion, second and approved as first reading and representatives were asked to share this with their respective departments.
B. FSDC reported deletion of the course listing FDSC 4223 which is not taught by FDSC but is additionally cross-listed with BENG (4113) and POSC (4223).
6. A report of minor changes in the curriculum was distributed by Dean Graham. (appended)
7. A report of changes in HESC subcommittee was distributed by Fitch-Hilgenberg. (appended)
8. There was no report from the Dean's office.
9. There were no announcements.
The meeting was adjourned.
Minutes recorded by Curt R. Rom .