AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- May 3, 2011

Minutes (Final)
AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Tuesday, May 3, 2011
2:00 – 3:30 p.m., AFLS D-105, Honors Hall
Attendance: Leslie Edgar, David Kreider Bruce Ahrendsen (for Lucas Parsch), Jean-Francois Meullenet (for Luke Howard), Mary Savin, Ashley Dowling, and Nick Anthony
Non-voting members: Jody Davis and Lona Robertson
• Call to order:
• Approval of Agenda:
Motion for approval (Kreider), second (Anthony). Motion passed.
• Approval of previous minutes: (April 12, 2011)
Motion for approval (Kreider), second (Anthony). Motion passed.
• Dean's Office Reports:
○ Dr Vayda, Lona Robertson or Jody Davis. There was nothing to report, however, an invitation to the College Faculty Meeting was extended.
• New Business:
○ HORT 3133 Advanced Woody Landscape Plants – Inactivate/Delete (no reading)
No representative from Horticulture so item was shifted to next meeting.
FDSC 2603 Science in the Kitchen (no reading)
Mullenet gave background for creation of a service type course which could be used as a general elective for their program. Pam Brady will teach this course which is to marry the food and culinary sciences. This would also be a lead in for the food and culinary science concentration. Dr. Kreider requested a syllabus and potential text requirement to be made available before moving forward with voting on the first read.
Agenda item moved to next meeting.
○ FDTN concentration program change (first reading)
Mullenet provided background for the need for an opportunity for Food Science students to substitute the Ag. Business or general business minor for the Nutrition Minor within the FDSC major. Course recommendations were presented to allow for this to happen. Kreider made a motion to accept the first reading and it was seconded by Ahrendsen. Motion passed.
○ AFLS Ag Curriculum Sub-Committee Report for May 6th Spring Faculty Meeting
No action was necessary. The committee discussed what should be reported to the faculty.

• Old Business:
○ Changes to Policy and Procedures Handbook for Curriculum Development
The committee discussed how the 2003 document could be modified. Lona Robertson will work with Jody Davis to streamline the document. David Kreider will attempt to put together flow charts describing the curriculum change process.
• Announcements:
General announcement: AGED 3142 has removed COMM 1313 as a prerequisite for the course.
The committee discussed the need to alter the Faculty By-laws to allow for the curriculum committee chair to be a voting member of the committee. Currently the chair is nonvoting. Anthony motioned that there be a proposal at the all faculty meeting to modify the bi-laws so that the chair of the curriculum committee be a included as a voting member of the committee. Ahrendsen seconded the motion. Motion was passed by unanimous vote.
Summer meeting proposed for July.
• Adjourn: Anthony motion, Kreider second. Motion passed.