AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- May 2, 2008

AFLS Curriculum Agriculture Sub-Committee Minutes 2 May 2008

Attendance: Rom, Brown, Parsch, Graham, Scott, Wang, Johnson, Emmert.

9AM on Friday, May 2, 2008 in AFLS Honors Conference Room

1. Call to order

2. Review and approval of agenda

3. Approval of minutes as distributed

4. Dean's Office Report: Dr. Donna Graham.

5. Accomplished since last meeting

6. Old Business

7. New Business
a. Discuss pre-requisites for courses – no discussion

b. Discuss interdisciplinary general studies program –
Dr. Graham indicated that the Provost introduced the UG interdisciplinary General Studies Program that has no real major emphasis (w/in and across colleges). This appears to be in response to concerns about student retention and may facilitate students that do not know where they want to go career-wise. She asked, "Philosophically, does this program have value to higher education or should all students be required to declare a major?"
Donna also noted that 40% of DBAFLS College UG go on to graduate school.

c. Discuss Report from Curriculum Task Force.
There may be items that each department might consider in faculty retreats.
1) How do we determine if we are preparing graduate for future careers?
2) How do you develop critical thinking, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills? One example was to assign term papers where the first draft is reviewed by the instructor, handed back to students to revise and returned to instructor for grading.
3) Our college requirements for math and science courses are the lowest of all colleges in the university - Do we need to modify our college requirements?
4) Learning a foreign language is reported to stimulate critical thinking capacity. Do we need to reconsider increasing our college UG requirements for foreign language?
d. For your information - Proposed Syllabus for Special Topics course CSES 402V 1 hour, "Bioenergy Topics" (Sp) for Spring 2009 on Thursday 3:30-4:20, Rosen 110 (David Miller CSES).
8. Other Business

9. Announcements

10. Adjourn

- PDF File of List of Approved Curriculum Changes: March 2008
- See below - Report to the Faculty Council on 2 May 2008

Spring 2008 Report of DBAFLS Agriculture Curriculum Committee
To Faculty Council Meeting on May 2, 2008
By Donn Johnson, Chair

A. New courses

∗ HORT 3503 Sustainable and organic horticulture - approved.
∗ POSC 5923 Brain and Behavior – revised from 8 week course POSC 5922 to a 16 week course, title was changed, and added requirement that graduate students attend the Journal Club for 1 hr each week – approved.
∗ POSC 4923 Brain and Behavior – approved new course as undergraduate version of POSC 5923 with no requirement to attend the weekly Journal Club - approved.

B. Course changes

∗ FDSC 4114 Food Analysis – changed from every year to even year offering - approved.
∗ ENTO 4123 Insect Pest Management - retained prerequisite of ENTO 3013 Introduction to Entomology but changed description and deleted lab section – changed online.

C. Courses deleted due to inactivity

∗ POSC 4434 Poultry Nutrition
∗ POSC 5752L Advanced Poultry Diseases
∗ POSC 5933 Environmental Physiology of Domestic Animals

D. Discussion of new programs in Sustainability

∗ A statement drafted by the Business Sector Team of the U.S. Partnership calls upon higher education to make sustainability education a requirement for all undergraduates. ...There is ample opportunity for higher education to help shift societal norms toward a healthier environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Toward this goal, two new programs are being developed on the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville campus by an interdisciplinary committee. Dr. Mary Savin (member on committee) informed our DBAFLS Agriculture Curriculum Committee about these two proposed programs:
1. "Master of Science in Sustainability Analysis (non-thesis Masters)" program. This Masters program would compliment the doctoral degree program in sustainability currently offered through Environmental Dynamics.
2. "Minor in Sustainability"
3. Our committee discussed possible DBCAFLS courses as electives for the curriculum for these two proposed programs.