AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- March 8, 2011

AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Tuesday, March 8, 2011
2:00 – 3:30 p.m., AFLS D-105, Honors Hall
Members in attendance: Leslie Edgar (Chair), David Kreider, Ed Gbur, Ashley Dowling, Jim Correll, Luke Parsch, Nick Anthony (secretary), Tom Costello and Mary Savin
Non-voting members: Kelly Way and Jody Davis
o Call to Order Tuesday March 8 @ 2:00 PM
o Approval of Agenda
Agenda approval motion Parsch, second Savin. Motion passed.
o Approval of January 14th Minutes
Approval of Minutes - Minutes approval motion Parsch, second Gbur. Motion passed.
Dean's Office Reports:
• Jody provided a short discussion of the timing for class room assignments. She mentioned that the traditional rooms were set; however, the specialized rooms (those for labs) were set at the Deans purview.
Old Business: None
New Business:
○ Poultry Science course substitution for James "Health" Jones for communications intensive course.
Motion made (Parsch) to substitute current Vet School course for the college communications intensive course requirement. Motion was seconded by Kreider. Motion passed unanimous.
○ AEED M.S. degree program change in course requirements (first and second reading)
Based on the nature of the change, Parsch made the motion to do a first and second read on the change in course requirements. Anthony seconded the motion. The motion passed.
○ AEED M.S. program request for degree to be available online or through distance delivery (first reading)
The motion was made and by Costello and seconded for Gbur. Motion for first read passed.
○ Changes to Policy and Procedures Handbook for Curriculum Development
Committee discussed the current handbook and agreed that David Kreider and Jody Davis review the current document and prepare recommendations for the next meeting.

• Announcements:
AGEC 4373 – Advanced Price Risk Management moved from spring to summer (minor change)
• Adjourn: Motion to adjourn (Anthony); seconded by Gbur. Motion passed