AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- March 14, 2014

Minutes (Approved April 11, 2014)
AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Friday, March 14, 2014
2:00-3:24 PM, AFLS D-105, Honors Hall
Voting Members: Ashley Dowling (Chair), Mary Savin (Secretary), Nick Anthony, Ed Gbur, Luke Howard, Jeff Miller, Curt Rom, Ioannis Tzanetakis, and Michael Thomsen
Non-voting: Jody Davis, Kathy Smith (HESC rep), and Lona Robertson
Call to order (2:00):
Approval of Agenda: Thomsen moved. Anthony seconded. The motion passed.
Approval of previous minutes: (February 14, 2014): Thomsen moved. Gbur seconded. The motion passed.
Dean's Office Reports: Jody Davis and Lona Robertson
1. UCPC - UA moving towards allowing UNIV 1001 as an elective
2. BIOL 1543 ONLINE - online students must have same lectures because they take same labs; claim that complaints are reduced
3. UCPC - Restriction of number of online credit hours by on-campus students, number was changed from 45 credit hours to 35% of courses toward degree can be online credit hours that campus based UA student can take. On campus transfer students can take 35% of remaining hours on online. AFLS curriculum committee does not need to see proposal again unless more changes occur.
HESC Curriculum Committee Update: Kathy Smith
There was an email vote in the Birth through Kindergarten program. Changes were made to meet certification requirements.
1. Remove from requirements
a. HESC 1411L Observation of Children (content now embedded in proposed HESC 1413)
b. HESC 4423 Adult Development (not required for licensure program)
c. HESC 4753 Family Financial Management (not required for licensure program)
2. Change course number
a. Change number of HESC 3402 Child Guidance to HESC 2473 (J. Henk - Fall/Spring) and change number of HESC 3401L Child Guidance Lab to HESC 2471L (J. Henk – Fall/Spring) – this change better reflects the content (3 credit hours instead of 2 credit hours) and sequencing of courses in the licensure program and will allow for articulation with community colleges (change from 3000-level to 2000-level).
3. Add new courses for 2014-2015 – these courses are all required to meet state competencies and CAEP/NAEYC accreditation criteria for the licensure program
a. HESC 1413 Foundations for Teaching Young Children (M. Crandall - Fall)
b. HESC 2401L Infant & Toddler Development Lab (M. Crandall – Fall/Spring) – co-requisite for HESC 2403
Old Business:
1. Course Changes
a. none
2. Program Changes
a. none
New Business:
1. Course Changes
a. AFLS2003 (deletion)
Course was relict after Global minor was deleted. Gbur motioned to pass. Anthony seconded. Motion passed.
b. AGED3163 Curriculum Development and Assessment Techniques (new course)
Does not remove an education requirement from the AGED program. Will check for support with Curriculum and Development. Thomsen motioned to pass on first reading. Gbur seconded. Motion passed.
c. FDSC2401 Uncorked – Vines to Wines (new course)
Need more information about sensory analysis (restrictions) and where course can be taught. Anthony motioned to pass on first reading. Thomsen seconded. Motion passed.
2. Program changes
a. CSES non-thesis MS (deletion)
CSES has not offered non-thesis option in years. This will update catalog to match practice in department. Thomsen motioned to pass. Gbur seconded. Motion passed.
b. Ag Communications minor name change to AFLS Communications
More general name to serve a larger population of students. Journalism objects to use of Journalism and does not want to offer the minor. Thomsen motioned to pass on first and second reading. Howard seconded. Motion passed.
c. AEAB departmental core change
Adding some flexibility in course choices to departmental core to incorporate new faculty expertise and alleviate large class sizes. Savin motioned to pass on first and second reading. Anthony seconded. Motion passed.
3. Substitution requests for Intensive Communication requirement
Request (denied) to consider Honors transfer course (TRAN 399T-2) from Univ. of Florida for communication intensive credit in AFLS for ESWS student (Sarah Stover). Anthony motioned to deny request. Thomsen seconded. Four in support of request denial. Three object. Discussion for request denial centered on course credits being insufficient to cover requirement (2 hours transferred in instead of 3 credit hours) and the fact that content of transferred course (while ENGL based and writing, reflective, and oral communication intensive) did not match courses on approved AFLS list.
AFLS3131H Management in Leadership moved to on-demand.
FDSC2503 and FDSC2523 content overlap, so students may not receive credit in both classes.
Jo Luck is coming and is available on April 2 all day to meet with students and will give a seminar on April 3 at 2:30.
Adjourn (3:24): Anthony moved. Savin seconded. The motion passed.