AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- March 13, 2009

Minutes for AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
March 13th, 2009

1. Call to order: 1:30 pm
The meeting was called to order by Dr. Anthony, Chair

2. Review and approval of agenda
The agenda was amended to include an item on a new class (AFLS 500V Graduate Study Abroad)
by Dr. Parsch.

3. Approval of minutes for January 23rd 2009
Minutes of the January 23rd, 2009 meeting were approved.

4. David Kreider was selected as Secretary, to become Chair next year.
The committee membership list and terms of service was updated as follows:
Agriculture Curriculum Committee:

Representative Unit Term Ends
Leslie Edgar AEED 2010
Lucas Parsch AEAB 2009
Ed Gbur AGST 2010
David Kreider ANSC 2010
Tom Costello BAEG 2010
Mary Savin CSES 2010
Randy Luttrell ENTO 2010
Ya-Jane Wang FDSC 2009
Curt Rom HORT 2010
Craig Rothrock PLPA 2009
Nick Anthony POSC 2010
Donna Graham Dean's Office (non-voting representative)
Alice Griffin Dean's Office (non-voting representative)
Laurie Apple HESC (non-voting representative)

5. Report from the Deans Office (Dr. Graham followed by Alice Griffin)

Dr. Graham:
· Update on Academic Program Section Meeting, Washington, D.C.
◦ Scientific roadmap: Because most grants must have a partnership with two of the three partners, or in some case all three, the academic program sections (APS) developed a whitepaper to be integrated into the roadmap document.
▪ The major thrust is "human capacity development" the academic component of some integrated grants
4 broad goals:
1. Insure access and success: system wide curriculum, ag-stem, young scholars, pre-college, developing leadership, globalization
2. Enhance human capacity development-undergraduate research, servicelearningopportunities, ag-idea or e-extension
3. Renew the academy-preparing future scientists-holistic training for PhDs
4. Expand learning and engagement-new technology, communication

Other meeting items:
◦ Future Assessment & accreditations
More evidence for assessment will be required in future accreditation reviews
◦ Dr. Graham also discussed online degree programs offered by Agriculture Interactive Distance Education Alliance (AG*IDEA)
Programs in Operation:
· Agricultural Education
· Agricultural Mechanization
· Food Safety and Defense
· Grasslands Management
Programs under Development:
· Agricultural Law
· Animal Breeding
· Biomaterials (UG)
· Horticulture (UG)
· Integrated Resource Management
· Poultry Science
· Soil Science
· Swine Science (UG)
· 12 universities have paid membership dues
· 4 universities have paid deposit for membership
· University of Arkansas received membership paperwork
· Alice Stevens:
◦ Presented a proposed revised Course Substitution form for consideration:
▪ Changes suggested by Dr. Rom and others will be incorporated and the form will be resubmitted.
6. Old Business
· Further discussion regarding the change in College "English Comp policy" took place regarding the motion at the December, 2008 Faculty Council meeting.
◦ Dr. Rom made the following motion, seconded by Dr. Kreider:
▪ "Students that are exempt from English Composition ENGL 1013 and/or ENGL 1023 have met their requirement for composition in our core. The exemption hours may be met with general electives." Exemption may be obtained through an appropriate score on the ACT, SAT or AP exam.
◦ Each committee member was requested to take this motion back to their departmental faculty to get a read as to their level of support for the motion.
· Second reading for FDSC 5223, BioSecurity of Our Food Supply
◦ Motion was made and seconded to approve. Approved
· Discussion of "Communication Intensive courses" was deferred to the next meeting.
7. New Business – first readings
· FDSC 6413 Nutrition and Chronic Diseases
◦ HESC had some concerns about course duplication (Tabled to next meeting). Dr. Graham will coordinate interdepartmental discussion.
· POSC 5113 Food Toxicology and Contaminants
◦ FDSC faculty expressed the desire to review the course and possibly have involvement in it.
◦ Motion to approve for first reading was made, seconded and approved.
· Changes to the Pest Management Minor and the Plant Pathology Minor were presented by Dr. Rothrock
◦ Motion to approve for first reading was made, seconded and approved.
◦ Motion to approve for second reading was made, seconded and approved.
· Information item: Dr. Gbur indicated that two of our courses for M.S. Statistics students were changed from yearly to irregular. No students in College affected.

Other items:
· Proposed new course presented by Dr. Parsch: AFLS 500V Graduate Study Abroad
◦ Motion to approve for first and second reading was made, seconded and approved.
8. Adjourn

Minutes submitted by: David Kreider and Nick Anthony