AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- July 11, 2011

Minutes (Final)
AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Monday, July 11, 2011
10 a.m. – noon, AFLS D-105, Honors Hall
Voting Members: Leslie Edgar (chair), David Kreider, Mary Savin, Nick Anthony (secretary), Curt Rom, Luke Howard, Mike Thomsen
Nonvoting Members: Lona Robertson and Jody Davis
Guest: Dan Donoghue
• Call to order:
• Approval of Agenda: Two Poultry Sciences courses were added for first read:
◦ Food Toxicology
◦ Integrated Small Farming
Motion for approval of agenda with suggested additions Rom, Second (Kreider), Motion passed.
• Approval of previous minutes: (May 3, 2011): Motion for approval Rom, Second (Thomsen), Motion passed.

• Dean's Office Reports:
○ There was no report presented by the Dean's office; however, Dr. Robertson fielded several questions:
Dr. Anthony asked about Bisbee's new role in Dean's office.
Dr. Rom asked about the future of the International Programs Program and International Programs Minor. After a lengthy discussion it was recommended that Dr. Andy Proctor come to a future curriculum meeting to discuss mechanisms to track students in the program.
Dr. Rom also asked about the state of the Honors Program, direction and director.
• Old Business:
○ FDTN concentration program change (second reading): Motion for approval of second read, Kreider, Second (Rom), Motion passed.
○ HORT 3133 Advanced Woody Landscape Plants – Inactivate/Delete (first reading) Dr. Rom discussed that this change was attempted several years ago but wasn't acted on. Motion for approval of first read Rom, Second (Kreider), Motion passed. Motion for approval of second read Rom, Second (Kreider), Motion passed.
○ FDSC 2603 Science in the Kitchen (first reading). Many recommendations were suggested by the committee for improving the syllabus including more content on food storage and on food safety. A suggestion was made to create another Food Science course focused on Quality Control. Motion for approval of first read, Anthony, Second (Kreider), Motion passed.
• New Business (Pending Requests):
○ BST graduate certificate program: Robertson reported on the BST program as being part of Ag*Idea. Discussion of the 15 hour certificate program occurred. The discussion included a clarification of program ownership (determined to be the AFLS Deans office). There was concern voiced regarding whether or not the dean's office should be the home of a technical certificate program, because curriculum should be managed within departments. There was also a philosophical discussion of what defines residency. In some distance programs (not the BST program) students could theoretically take courses at other universities without ever taking a course at the University of Arkansas but still receive a UA degree. For this program, two or three UA courses are a part of the required program. Questions ensued regarding how technical questions from students would be answered and how the program would be promoted. Committee requested Diana Bisbee and a member of the BENG program be available to answer questions regarding the certificate. Motion for approval of first read, Anthony, Second (Rom), Motion passed. Item was put up for a second read at the request of Dr. Robertson so the program could move to the faculty council agenda. Motion for approval of second read Rom, Second (Savin), Motion passed. However, Edgar voted no until mentioned issues were resolved.

○ SUST Graduate Certificate. Business item had no representation so Kreider made motion to table the first reading of the certificate, Rom second. Motion passed.
○ ANSC3491L Artificial Insemination in Cattle: Motion for approval of first read, Anthony, Second (Thomsen), Motion passed.
○ HORT 3123 International Horticulture
○ HORT3203 Sustainable Landscape Practices
○ HORT5103 Plant Growth and Development
The listed horticulture courses are courses that will come in to the University of Arkansas as distance courses from other universities. HORT 3123 and 5103 and HORT 3203 will be taught by LSU and HORT 3203 by OSU. All 3 Horticulture courses were recommended to be tabled. No syllabus was provided. Motion to table the reading of courses by Anthony and seconded by Kreider. Motion passed.
○ POSC Food Toxicology, Course number recommendation was 3112. Dr. Donoghue presented information/ syllabus for this 8 wk course. Motion for approval of first read, Kreider, Second (Howard), Motion passed.
○ POSC Sustainable integrated Small Farming. Dr Donoghue presented information/ syllabus for this freshman level course. Dr. Kreider indicated that there may be some duplication of material with regard to content related to sheep and goat. The recommendation to visit with Dr. Apple in Animal Science was made by Kreider. Dr. Rom suggested the course title be changed. He had issue with including the word sustainable. Rom also suggested that GAP (good agricultural practices) are included. Motion for approval of first read, Rom, Second (Howard), Motion passed; however, Kreider voted no until mentioned issues were resolved.
• Other Business:
○ Changes to Policy and Procedures Handbook for Curriculum Development. Dr. Kreider and Jody are working on revisions to present at the September meeting.
• Announcements:
○ Next curriculum meeting is August 2nd from 10 a.m. to noon.
• Adjourn:
○ Motion to adjourn Anthony, Second (Kreider), Motion passed.