AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Feb. 3, 2006

Agriculture Subcommittee of the DBCAFLS Curriculum Committee
Friday, February 3, 2006, 1:30 PM

Plant Science 6
1. Call to order – Freddie Scott, Present at meeting – Freddie Scott (AEED), Jason Emmert (POSC), Navam Hettiarachchy (FDSC), Tom Costello (BAEG), Luke Parsch (AEAB), Mike Richardson (HORT), Marjorie-Fitch-Hilgenber (HES), David Miller (CSES), Donna Graham (AFLS), Alice Stephens (AFLS)
2. Approval of Agenda – Motion to approve – Richardson, 2nd Costello – Agenda approved
3. Approval of minutes of the December, 2005 meeting – change under section 8, CHME to CHEM, Motion to approve with change – Emmert, 2nd - Hettiarachchy
4. Old Business
- Curt Rom has agreed to serve as secretary for upcoming year
5. New Business
A) Animal Science. Add 1-hour Special Topic class – no one was present from Animal Science and this business was skipped
B) Agricultural and Extension Education. Delete EXIE Area of Concentration, and Minor
Freddie Scott presented paperwork to delete EXIE concentration and minor – reasons for this deletion include 1) no instructor to teach such courses and 2) limited enrollment as a result of number 1. This recommendation was also suggested by the program review team that reviewed the entire department in 2005. Motion to approve deletion was made by Emmert, 2nd by Richardson, motion passed.
Agricultural and Extension Education. Delete Prerequisites, for AGME 1613, AGME 1611, AGME 3173, AGME 4203, AGME 4973, AGED 3133, AGED 3942, AGED 4143, and AGED 4243
AEED would like to drop several pre-requisites, including Algebra to make it easier to fulfill the 8-semester contract with students. All students still have to take Algebra as part of their curriculum. Motion to approve deletion was made by Parsch, 2nd by Hettiarachchy, motion passed.
6. Report from HES subcommittee
Report provided by Fitch-Hilgenberg – several course have changes to pre-requisites to make it easier for scheduling. Interior design wishes to add a Special Topics course to their program.
7. Report from Dean's office
Dean's office working to finish 8-semester degree plans for all departments in compliance with Act 1014. Dean's office is working to identify where scheduling conflicts may exist, even with courses outside of AFLS. New program descriptions in course catalog will look more like the check sheets rather than the existing catalog.
8. Announcements - none
9. Adjourn - Freddie Scott