AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Feb. 29, 2008

Minutes of the DBAFLS College Curriculum Meeting
29 February 2008
AGRI 316 Conference Room

1. Call to order at 1:30pm by Chair, Donn Johnson
Attendance (department representing): Freddie Scott (AEED), Michael Popp (AEAB), Ed Gbur (AGST), Dave Miller (CSES), Ya Jane Wang (FDSC), Craig Rothrock (PLPA), Jason Emmert (POSC), Donna Graham (Dean's Office), Rick Rorie (ANSC – substituting for Hayden Brown)

2. Review and approval of agenda: Moved and approved

3. Minutes from 25 January 2008 as distributed: Moved and approved

4. Dr. Donna Graham had nothing to report from the Dean's Office

5. Donn Johnson summarized recent course changes that he had approved through the online process:
POSC 5923 – course was revised as committee suggested: increased from 8 week course POSC 5922 to a 16 week course POSC 5923; title changed to Brain and Behavior, and new description requires graduate students to attend the Journal Club for 1 hr each week
POSC 4923 - undergraduate version of the POSC 5923 with no requirement to attend the weekly Journal Club
Deleted 3 courses due to inactivity: POSC 5752L; POSC 4434; and POSC 5933
ENTO 4123 Insect Pest Management – Donn Johnson submitted course changes online (revised description – 3 hrs lecture, removed prerequisites, eliminated laboratory section)
6. New Business

∗ Announced that the FDSC 4114 Food Analysis has been changed online from every year to even year offering

∗ Dr. Mary Savin updated the committee on:
• New graduate degree program titled, Master of Science in Sustainability Analysis (non-thesis Masters) - would compliment the doctoral degree program in sustainability currently offered through Environmental Dynamics.
• New undergraduate minor entitled, Minor in Sustainability - 3 areas discussed:
1) Ecology/Environmental Science
2) Human dimensions/economics/business/social sciences
3) Architecture/engineering/Human environment
• The discussion regarding the sustainability programs included:
* Careers for graduates
* Possible DBCAFLS courses for curriculum for the two proposed programs
∗ How these programs define sustainability
* The absence of agriculture production in the undergraduate minors
* Opportunities for the sustainability programs to be involved with research focused on sustainability
Adjourned 2:20 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Craig Rothrock, designated note taker