AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Feb. 23, 2012

AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Thursday, February 23, 2012
2:00 – 4:00 PM, AFLS D-105, Honors Hall
Attendance: Nick Anthony (chair), Curt Rom, Mary Savin, Luke Howard, Burt Bluhm (for Jim Correll), Tom Costello
Guest: Jody Davis
Call to order:
• Approval of Agenda:
Luke Howard motion to approve; Tom Costello second; motion approved
• Approval of previous minutes: (December 2, 2012)
Luke Howard motion to approve; Burt Bluhm second; motion approved
• Dean's Office Reports:
○ Jody Davis
• UAConnect upgrade includes eliminating ability to navigate away from grade entry screens without saving.
• Grade changes will now be forwarded to any course secondary (co-) instructors.
• Early Progress Grades are due 27 February. Please remind instructors to enter grades for 1000- and 2000-level classes.
• UAConnect security request forms are being developed for on-line approval process.
• Journalism minor has been correct to only allow enrollment by DBCAFLS students as originally intended and approved by the Journalism department.
• Fall 2012 class and room scheduling is continuing. Compared to last fall, this year there are over 500 additional sections being offered, but more classrooms are off-line for renovations.
• Funding is pending for purchase of CourseLeaf program. This will provide an on-line approval chain for course changes as well as program changes. This will also self-populate changes throughout the catalog to anywhere a course is listed.
• Old Business (second reading):
○ FDSC 2603 Science in the Kitchen (Tabled)
○ ENTO 1023 Insects and People (Tabled)
• New Business [Pending Requests] (first reading):
○ ENTO Minor Check sheet (Tabled)
○ PUBP Course and policy changes
• Program change to delete "Recreation Policy," "Community Development," and "Disability Policy" as area specializations and add a "Community Development and Recreation Policy" option.
• Addition of course: PUBP 6143 Mixed Method Research Design
• Change title of course: PUBP 6103 Policy Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation (formerly Policy Leadership Seminar)
• Motion to accept first and second reading, Tom Costello; second Luke Howard; motion passed
○ Attached letter to Faculty Council Act 747 / degree requirements for University and College
• Opportunities to review and reevaluate overall curriculum during process to reduce overall required hours from 124 to 120.
• Administration request department discuss possible course duplication, topic duplication between courses, as well as overall course requirements.
• Curt Rom asked that the committee address basic questions:
o What are the college requirements?
o What does the committee see as the minimum requirements for a B.S.A. degree?
o Could the committee set guidelines for the departments as to what to include in their degree program requirements (upper division hours; departmental hours; elective hours; etc.)
o How should intensive communication requirement be addressed?
• Jody Davis suggested the committee also consider the 9 hour difference in upper division credits required to meet residency versus college policy.
• Mary Savin requested input on whether orientation should be a required course for all freshmen.
• Nick Anthony supported suggested the committee also consider the option of teaching core sciences such as chemistry in our college.
• Committee recommended meeting again in March to initiate full discussions. Suggestion was that the committee members bring with them their department's thoughts on what the BSA degree should include.
○ Poultry Science program change
Nick Anthony informed the committee that the Provost has denied the program change for poultry science because it did not reduce the credit hours required to 120. He asked for committee suggestions on how to proceed. The committee unanimously suggested he work with Dr. Robertson to meet with Dr. Gaber and request she reconsider. The committee's perspective is that the program change was initiated and nearing the end of the approval process prior to the passing of ACT 747 requiring the reduction in credit hours.
• Announcements: None
• Adjourn
Motion Burt Bluhm; Mary Savin Second; Motion passed.