AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Feb. 14, 2014

Minutes (Approved March 14, 2014)
AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Friday, February 14, 2014
2:00-3:30 PM, AFLS D-105, Honors Hall
Voting Members: Ashley Dowling (Chair), Mary Savin (Secretary), Nick Anthony, Ed Gbur, Luke Howard, David Kreider, Jeff Miller, Curt Rom, and Michael Thomsen
Non-voting: Jody Davis, Alice Griffin, and Lona Robertson
Call to order:
New secretary vote: Savin was voted in.
Approval of Agenda: Anthony moved. Kreider seconded. The motion passed.
Approval of previous minutes: (November 08, 2013): Motion was made to amend the agenda to add electronic vote of 2 items from December.
1. Test credit for POSC 1012 (first and second reading).
The Poultry Science department is requesting approval on first and second reading for a standardized exam for high school students in FFA to take for college credit. The department presently has a one-semester Poultry Science program being offered to high schools in Arkansas. The standardized exam will be offered in the Spring semester each year through the State FFA office. A score of 82 on the exam will be necessary for credit. The exam will be offered one time each year and may be repeated.
Vote passed by email vote.
2. Elimination of International Programs Minor (second reading).
In September the DBCAFLS International Programs Committee voted to eliminate the minor and so Dr. Edgar took the action to our Committee in October. After one nay vote on first reading, and a few additional concerns expressed afterwards, Dr. Edgar convened a small subcommittee to discuss the minor. Members of this committee included the persons expressing concerns as well as members of the 2011 committee who reviewed the minor. Again, the majority and action vote was to remove the minor. Having consulted the Dean's office, I have been informed that it would be advantageous to remove the minor because this would release our College from the obligation to support both the minor and the AFLS coursework that it requires, which are costly in comparison to the very few students that are now participating or that are likely to participate in the future.
Vote passed by email vote.
Anthony moved. Gbur seconded. The motion passed.
Dean's Office Reports:
There is a new curriculum management software for submitting course and program changes.
Beginning in the fall, new freshmen will be pre-enrolled in 9 hours. The dean's office has been submitting plans for students falling under different scenarios for the different majors.
HESC Curriculum Committee Update: handout attached
Online credit hours for on-campus time: Lona Robertson, see committee handout.
UCPC is reviewing the policy for university restrictions for on campus students enrolling in online courses. On campus students will not be able to take more than 45 credit hours online.
Shadowing opportunities for students and student credit: Mary Savin
Intersession job shadowing is being pursued as an opportunity for students. The possibility of obtaining course credit is being discussed. Initial reaction and feedback from the curriculum committee is appreciated. Questions and discussion from the committee revolved around the need to obtain credit, existing opportunities in AEBS becoming overwhelming in the present state, that enrolling in credit adds a level of seriousness to the experience and may level out expectations. There was some hesitation expressed from some members, and questions about the distinction from internships. The current thought is that courses would be one credit and limited in number of times one could be repeated for credit. Courses would be housed in individual departments and subject to departmental requirements.
Old Business:
1. Course Changes.
2. Program Changes.
New Business:
1. Course Changes
a. PUBP6013 Theories of Public Policy (new course)
Thomsen motioned to pass on first reading. Gbur seconded. Motion passed.
b. FDSC3923H Molecular Gastronomy (new course)
Course has Honors committee support. Course is already a CHEM course. Kreider motioned to pass first reading. Seconded by Anthony. Motion passed.
c. FDSC6443 Metabolism of Xenobiotics (new course)
Confirm no problem of redundancy with ANSC. Kreider motioned to pass first reading. Seconded by Anthony. Motion passed.
d. ANSC2304 Equine Behavior and Training change to ANSC2303 Natural Horsemanship. Changes resulting from review team recommendations. Thomsen motioned to pass on 1st and 2nd reading, Gbur seconded, motion passed.
e. AFLS 5001.
Course is being deleted. Informational item.
2. Program changes
a. FDSC changes to minor and check sheet
Changes to minor, and deletion of orientation, addition of UNIV 1001, and addition of elective hour to checksheet. Motion by Kreider for 1st and 2nd readings. Gbur seconded. Motions passed.
Substitution requests for Intensive Communication requirements
2 course substitutions were discussed.
One was approval for NWACC small group communication course. Anthony motioned. Kreider seconded. Motion for accepting substituting for HORT student passed. Jody will pursue reevaluation of course with the registrar.
Second substitution was for Intercultural Communication (writing intensive) from Missouri Southern for 3 hours of communication intensive credits for ESWS student. Motion by Savin. Anthony seconded. Motion passed.
Announcements: None