AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Feb. 13, 2013

Minutes (Draft)
AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Wednesday February 13, 2013
1:00-2:30 PM, APC conference room

Voting Members: Mike Thomsen (chair), Nick Anthony, Leslie Edgar, Ed Gbur, Luke Howard, David Kreider, Mary Savin, Ashley Dowling (secretary)
Non-voting: Jody Davis, Kelly Way, Lona Robertson, Alice Griffin
Approval of Agenda: Anthony moved. Savin seconded. The motion passed.
Approval of previous minutes: (December 5, 2012): Edgar moved. Howard seconded. The motion passed.
Dean's Office Reports: Act 747 degree plans progressing through the system, Poultry Sciences delayed but should go through this month. Ultimately waiting on state to pass all changes and unsure when the changes will go into effect. Lona still trying to get our iPads.
Old Business:
AFLS 3412H request to change to a 3-hour course. Mike will contact Curt Rom and then the two current instructors (Rosenkrans and Shoulders) to discuss the change.
New Business:
AAAE 300V and AAAE 500V: Study Abroad to replace the college study abroad courses. Put in place primarily for credit counting and the need for an instructor of record. It is also a mechanism for knowing where a student is spending the semester and to keep them under the umbrella of the university (e.g., insurance, financial aid).
Kreider motioned to table. Edgar seconded. Motion passed.
AGED 5563: Proposal Development split out of AGED 5463: Research Methods to provide a separate course for thesis proposal development. Anthony moved for first reading. Edgar seconded. Motion passed.
Informational Items:
UNIV1001: University Perspectives will be required of all starting Freshman. Colleges will have reserved sections spread out over fall and spring. The course will be one hour per week for 16 weeks and section sized capped at 19 students. Faculty will be paid $1300 per section and staff $500. GA's will be provided by the college. Any programs with AFLS freshman orientation on the checksheet will have issues to address.
AGME 2903 has a new catalog description.
ENTO 1023 has been approved on campus as a science core and has been forwarded to the state for final approval.
Discussion regarding how the Ag Statistics group is understaffed and in need of a new faculty member to help provide stats support for other departments in the college. Some felt this was an issue worthy of discussion at Faculty Council.
Edgar motioned. Anthony seconded. The motion passed.