AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Feb. 10, 2010

Minutes, AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting on February 10, 2010
8:30 – 10:30 am, AFLS B-111C

Call to order: 8:30 a.m.
Members in attendance: David Kreider (chair), Mary Savin, Nick Anthony, Randy Luttrell, Eric Wailes (for Luke Parsch); Leslie Edgar, and Luke Howard

Review and approval of agenda (motion by Wailes, seconded by Savin)

Review and approval of November 11, 2009 minutes (motion by Wailes, seconded by Savin)

New Secretary identified -- Leslie Edgar. The Secretary takes minutes, distributes minutes to committee members, and sends a file of approved Ag. Cur. Minutes to David Edmark ( who posts them online ( (Secretary becomes Chair in following year).

Report from the Dean's Office
Ms. Alice Griffin indicated that transfer experts in each department have been selected. Curriculum committee members should be working with the transfer expert in each department. There is a new layer on the web for the regional community college transfer guide.

Dr. Graham noted that grants are available for offering and sharing courses (horticulture had about 50 students in their distance course, 12 from UA). Benefits for working with these distance curriculum groups to build / diversify courses; good for filling void where expertise lacks in each department. Continuing education (global campus) is offering $3,000 grants for asynchronous course development. Chancellor has initiated a challenge to get degree programs online. Graham suggested the need for group-driven suggestions for course shares. Wailes noted the need for a committee comprised of 4-year Arkansas higher education institution representatives to identify course share possibilities in each program. Also, Wailes suggested discussions begin at the departmental level on course / program sharing.

Old Business

ENGL Exemption
Dr. Graham discussed the need to complete form 1622.20A for the English/Communications curriculum requirement change to the University policy. Forms need to be submitted to Dr. Graham by Friday morning (February 12) in order for changes to be represented in the Fall 2010 catalog.

Motion to approve Communications curriculum change in degree programs for all Bumpers College departments that elect for the English/Communications change (motion by Wailes, seconded by Anthony)

Discussion on Communication Intensive Classes
The committee should plan for an in-depth discussion at the March meeting.

Including Foreign language classes as communication intensive classes
Current issues with course substitutions for "intensive communication" and the issues need addressed. Griffin will locate the definition for "intensive communication" from the previous subcommittee. The committee should plan for an in-depth discussion at the March meeting.

New Business

Dr. Graham: GPA dissertation proposal
The Ph.D. Public Policy GPA is being increased from 3.0 to 3.2, and the program requires a dissertation proposal defense (Wailes). Motion to approve the program change (motion by Anthony, seconded by Savin)

PLPA: Information item submitted by Jim Correll (Informative, courtesy announcement)
▪ One of our advanced classes, Plant Virology (PLPA6203), is currently offered every other Fall in odd years and is in conflict with another advanced class, Mycology, (PLPA5603), also offered every other Fall of odd years. We have chosen to move PLPA6203 to be taught every other Fall of even years beginning in the Fall of 2010. We have discussed this change with all of our current graduate students and the transition will not cause any curriculum problems with them. The change has been submitted by the Department.

AEAB: Program Change
Program change to 1) allow exemption from ENGL 1013 (English Composition I) or ENGL 1023 (English Composition II) to enroll in general elective hours, rather than additional English or communication hours. 2) add AGEC 4163 Agricultural and Rural Development as a controlled elective in the the Agribusiness Management and Marketing Concentration. Motion to approve the program changes (motion by Luttrell, seconded by Anthony)

Dr. Graham
• Catalog getting a new look
• New resident policy
• Need to enhance relationships with community colleges

Adjourn 9:40 a.m.