AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Dec. 5, 2012

Minutes (Draft)
AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Wednesday December 5, 2012
1:30 – 3:30 PM, Honors Hall

Voting Members: Nick Anthony (chair), Leslie Edgar, Ed Gbur, Luke Howard, David Kreider, Mary Savin, Mike Thomsen (secretary)
Non-voting: Jody Davis
Guests: Cathy Hamilton
Approval of Agenda: Kreider moved. Edgar seconded. The motion passed
Approval of previous minutes: (November 14, 2012): Gbur moved. Edgar seconded. The motion passed.
Dean's Office Reports: Two handouts were distributed. One presented an updated list of courses approved as communications intensive electives for the Bumpers College. The second provided information on new 10-day intercession calendar. Jody Davis informed the committee that the call for classes for summer/fall and the new intercessions will be released soon. The call will be due in early January. Class time exception forms are due January 10th.
Old Business:
EASL program and course changes proposed by the Graduate School: Kreider moved approval on second reading. Gbur seconded. The motion passed.
New Business:
Food science program changes for Act 747 compliance: Kreider moved for approval on first and second reading. Edgar seconded. The motion passed.
Selection of new secretary: Ashley Dowling was recommended by members present and they are hopeful that he will accept this position on the committee.
Miscellaneous: A suggestion was made that AFLS 3412H be changed to a three hour course so that it can better fit into the communications intensive requirement of the college.
Announcements: None
Adjourn: Edgar moved to adjourn. Savin seconded. The motion passed