AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Aug. 31, 2007

Minutes of the DBAFLS College Curriculum Meeting 31 August 2007
1:00pm APC Conference Room

1. Call to order at 1:00pm by Chair, Curt Rom
∗ Attendance (department representing): Hayden Brown (ANSC), Thomas Costello (BAEG), Ed Gbur (AGST), Donn Johnson (Committee Secretary; ENTO), Dave Miller (CSES), Lucas Parsch (AEAB), Curt Rom (HORT), Jason Emmert (POSC), Craig Rothrock (PLPT), Casandra Cox (AGED), Ya-Jane Wang (FDSC), Alice Griffin (AFLS), Donna Graham (AFLS)
∗ Not Attending: Tim Killian (HESC)
2. Review and approval of agenda: moved and approved

3. Moved and approved minutes from 27 April 2007 as distributed

4. Dean's Report: Dr. Donna Graham:
∗ See appendix for approved curriculum changes for April, May and August 2007.
∗ In order to make necessary adjustments to the college budget due to the change in organizational structure, we will need to reduce our budgeted FTE faculty appointments by approximately two FTE's. This reduction in budgeted faculty time will finalize the budget separation of the college and experiment station and provide the necessary funds to increase the number of allocated TA's from the current 10 back to the 15 we normally allocate. Department heads are asked to work with their respective faculties to identify about 0.25 of budgeted faculty time that can be eliminated from their budgets in the next budget year. Need to have more of a cushion budget-wise.
∗ In response, departments need to re-evaluate curriculum to make sure each course fits into department outcomes and is not redundant, clean up curriculum, make sure all courses offered are necessary.
∗ Discussed fact that some students in first week were not confirming their registration so some faculty sent a notice about those students not confirmed
∗ Send a department person pick up Graduate catalogs at the AFLS office.
∗ Discussion: There was a lot of drop/add activity occurring the first week of classes. Curt Rom mentioned that 1st week of classes many students do not attend classes because they think that no actual course information is presented.
∗ Discussion: Lucas Parsh stated that the AFLS computer support group did notify faculty by email last May about upgrading all AGRI teaching classroom computers from MS Office 03 to 07 but was dismayed that they did not warn faculty about potential incompatibilities between Office 03 and 07. This fall, some of his faculty experienced incompatibility problems using the Office 07 for lectures and computer-based assignments. He suggested that there be more interaction between faculty and the AFLS Computer Support group on future changes so faculty can adjust computer dependent lectures/assignments. The committee also asked, "When do the faculty make this upgrade to Office 07?
5. Old Business; AFLS Agriculture Curriculum Subcommittee
- No old business from previous meeting

6. New Business
1) Program Change to Agribusiness Management/Marketing (ABMM) Concentration which will affect only AEAB undergraduate students – Lucas Parsch presented a proposed check sheet for this BS program; moved and approved changes
The proposed change is:
" Currently, agribusiness (AGBS) majors in the Agricultural Business Management Marketing (ABMM) concentration are required to enroll in two of four 4000 level AGEC courses as part of their specialization electives. They must choose these two courses as follows:
Take either AGEC 4313 Agribusiness Management (Fa) or
AGEC 4323 Agribusiness Entrepreneurship (Sp), and
take either AGEC 4113 Agricultural Prices and Forecasting (Sp, Odd_ or
AGEC 4373 Advanced Price Risk Management (Sp).
Under the proposed changes, ABMM students will be allowed to enroll in any two of these four courses."
2) Program Change to AEAB-Masters (3 tracks: thesis, non-thesis and international non-thesis) – changes in substance and wording
1st and 2nd readings - moved and approved changes
Now, these changes will be presented to the graduate School for review
1) ANSC4252 – to change to both undergraduate and graduate levels (dual enrollment), with graduate students completing additional studies
∗ Discussed dual level listings of same course (4000 & 5000)
1st and 2nd readings - moved and approved changes
1) FDTN - Program change for more flexibility
1st reading - moved and approved
saved for next meeting for 2nd reading
1) PUBP 604v - New special topics Ph.D. course
1st and 2nd readings - moved and approved
E. AFLS 5001 - Seminar course proposed to be taught by Dr. Randy Luttrell (ENTO) to be a literature review course that is not discipline specific
1st reading - moved and approved
Sent back to departments to get suggestions
7. Other Business - none

8. Announcements - none

Adjourned at 2:27PM

Respectfully submitted,

Donn Johnson (ENTO), Secretary