AFLS Curriculum Minutes - Aug. 29, 2008

MINUTES AFLS Curriculum Agriculture Sub-Committee 29 August 2008

Location: 1:30 – 3:30PM on Friday, August 29, 2008 in Plant Science 6 Conference Room

Attendance: Nick Anthony, Hayden Brown, Leslie Edgar (for Freddie Scott), Ed Gbur, Donna Graham, Donn Johnson, Lucas Parsch, Ya Jane Wang

1. Call to order

2. Review and approval of agenda

3. Approval of modified:
a. Minutes for 2 May 2008 Ag. Curriculum Committee Meeting with two changes: added Ed Gbur as present and modified last line of 7.b. ...40% of DBAFLS College UG.
b. Spring Report of Ag. Curriculum Committee to Ag. Faculty Council on 2 May 2008 – corrected deleted course title to POSC 4434 Fundamentals of reproduction physiology
4. Dean's Office Report: Dr. Donna Graham

5. Accomplished since last meeting

6. Old Business

7. New Business
a. Ag. Curriculum Committee Meetings for the rest of fall semester will occur from 3:30 to 5pm in AGRI 316 Entomology Conference Room on 19 September, 17 October, and 21 November.
b. We reviewed the protocol to follow when submitting course Adds/Change/Delete online: the department committee representative will work with the appropriate person in their department office to submit these changes online. It might be good to email the Curriculum committee chair about these changes.
c. Discuss New Course Number for:
∗ Change course number from POSC 3382 Poultry judging/selection to POSC 3381 - 1st and 2nd readings moved and approved and Johnson approved online for the committee
∗ Change course number from ANSC 4263 Swine Production to ANSC 4262 - 1st and 2nd readings moved and approved with Johnson edit of Effective Catalog Year from 2010 to 2009 and then Johnson approved changes online for the Ag. Curriculum Committee
d. Discussed changes in Food Science and Food Technology concentrations and committee requested they both be combined and submitted as one program change online and be discussed at the next curriculum committee meeting - moved to Table these changes
∗ Food Science concentration: Require student to complete both FDSC 4203 Quality Evaluation and Control with lab component, and FDSC 4413 Sensory Evaluation of Food with lab component in stead of choosing between two courses.
∗ Food Technology concentration: Add FDSC 4304 Food Chemistry to the Food Science Core.
e. Discuss Adding Courses:
∗ AGED 3243 and AGED 4343 – Lucas Parsch requested that AGED review the course catalog descriptions for these proposed courses to more accurately reflect the content of the courses and report back to this committee on 19 September.
∗ AGED 3243 Ag. Reporting and feature writing (UG credit only) - 1st reading moved and approved for 2nd reading on September 19
∗ AGED 4343 Communication Campaigns in Ag. (UG and G credit) - 1st reading moved and approved for 2nd reading on September 19
∗ AGED 4443 Principles of technological change (UG & G credit) - 1st reading
∗ PLPA 4304 Applied Plant Disease Management - 1st reading Tabled until September 19 committee meeting when Plant Pathology representative can present this Course Add
f. For your information - no action needed: Dave Miller provided an outline and file for a Special Topics course - CSES 402V 1 hour, "Bioenergy Topics" (Sp) that he asked to be attached to these minutes. for CSES 402V 1 hour, "Bioenergy Topics" (Sp)
8. Other Business

9. Announcements

10. Adjourn