AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- April 7, 2006

Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences Agriculture Curriculum Subcommittee
April 7, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Chair F. Scott.
Attending: Gbur (AGSL), Hettiarachachy (FDSC), Miller (CSES), Parsch (AEAB), Rom (HORT), Widemann (POSC), Graham (Assoc. Dean), Griffin (Advising and Retention).
1. The Agenda was presented by Chair Scott with a modification.
-Motion, second, approved to accept the agenda as distributed and modified dropping discussion of the AFLS 4431 H and AFLS 3131H courses.
2. The Minutes of the 3-March, 2006 meeting were discussed.
-Under item 5-B, the text "...Leadership and Organizations...." should be changed to read "..Leadership in Organizations."
-Motion, second, approved to accept the agenda as distributed and revised as stated above.
4. Old Business.
The definition of the College Agriculture Curriculum requirement for a "communication intensive" (CI) course was discussed.
-Three difficulties with the implementation of the requirement were presented by the Dean's office: 1) Lack of specificity of what constitutes a CI course, 2) lack of consistency among the various major degrees and departments, 3) problems associated with substitution requests late in the degree program.
-Chair Scott appointed an ad hoc subcommittee of Gbur, Parsch, Rom, and Scott to define what constitutes a CI course and develop a college list from which departments could select courses.
-Chair Scott asked all committee members to take a sense of the faculty on the CI requirement in the BSAg degree program.
5. New Business.
A. Proposed changes in the ESWS major and minor degree program were presented. A revision to the distributed program was noted that they were deleting course requirement ENSC 3253 and AGEC 4413 and adding AGEC 3523.
-Motion, second and approved to accept the first reading of the revisions to the CSES major and minor degree programs as distributed and with revisions noted above.
B. Cross-listed courses as a "out of the department" degree requirement. The College requirement for out-of-department courses was discussed. A problem has occurred where students have enrolled for a course that is taught in their major department, but they have enrolled in the cross-listed department and ask the cross-listed course to satisfy the degree requirement.
-Motion, second, and approved that students within a major cannot count a course that is cross-listed and taught within the major department as a out-of-department course in order to satisfy the broadening requirement of the BSAg degree.
C. The COMM 1313 requirement of the BSAg was discussed. The sense of the committee was that there should be no substitutions allowed for the degree requirement.
-Committee members were asked to remind their faculties, especially academic advisors, that there is no flexibility in college and university degree requirements and substitution requests are generally not allowed. Substitutions in the degree program should be within the department degree requirements.
D. AEAB distributed a list of minor changes to the catalog copy descriptions of courses. These changes did not require committee action and were presented for informational purposes.
E. The college has changed the prefix for AGED 1001 to AFLS 1001.
6. There was no report from the HES subcommittee presented.
7. Dean's Office Report.
-The Dean's office reminds all faculty that there can be no changes on a check-sheet or degree program for student advising once the check-sheet has been submitted for catalog copy. The check-sheet submitted in the spring for the following AY must be used without revision until new revisions are proposed, accepted and included the following AY.
-The Dean's office requested a contact person in each department who has the "official" or "authority" copy of the department check list. This person will be the liaison for questions from the Dean's office on the check sheet. It was asked and encouraged that there not be multiple versions of check-sheets within department and all advising faculty work from the same check sheets; those which have been approved by the curriculum committee and submitted to the Dean's office each spring for catalog copy.
-The eight-semester degree plan for first-time, full-time students was discussed. It was noted that there were difficulties with the nine-semester degree plans where departments were suggesting summer course work or internships. It was not clear how this would be regarded.
Minutes recorded by C. R. Rom