AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- April 27, 2007

DBAFLS College Curriculum Committee Minutes 27 April 2007

1. Call to order at 12:30pm by Chair, Curt Rom
∗ Attendance (department representing): Hayden Brown (ANSC), Thomas Costello (BAEG), Ed Gbur (AGST), Donn Johnson (Committee Secretary; ENTO), Dave Miller (CSES), Lucas Parsch (AEAB), Curt Rom (HORT), Jason Emmert (POSC), Craig Rothrock (PLPT), Freddie Scott (AGED), Ya-Jane Wang (FDSC), Alice Griffin (AFLS), Donna Graham (AFLS)
∗ Not Attending: Tim Killian (HESC)
2. Moved and approved to modify the Agenda as presented below.

3. Approved minutes for 30 March 2007 with corrections

4. Dean's Report: Dr. Donna Graham:
∗ If your enrollment exceeds capacity of current room, move course time to when a room is open.
∗ Communicate with other department if you have your department students taking their course.
5. Old Business
A. Did not discuss either the AGED - Program change to ASTM concentration and minor with additional elective list nor the deletion of FDSC 4011 undergraduate Seminar course (course will be automatically dropped due to no enrollment after five years).
B. Discussion: Regional follow up to National Leadership Summit (5-6 June at Texas A&M). Moved and approved: that College Curriculum Committee needs to discuss what will benefit undergraduate and graduate students – will try to schedule time in the future.
No Old Business was expected for the College Curriculum Committee meeting on 25 May 2007 so that meeting was canceled. Next meeting will be scheduled sometime on 31 August 2007.

Respectfully submitted by,

Donn Johnson (ENTO) DBCAFLS Curriculum Committee Secretary