AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- April 12, 2011

AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Tuesday, April 12, 2011
2:00 – 3:30 p.m., AFLS D-105, Honors Hall
Attendance: Leslie Edgar, David Kreider, Lucas Parsch, Tom Costello, Ed Gbur, Nick Anthony (secretary), Mary Savin, Ashley Dowling, and Ya-Jane Wang, Jody Davis
Non-voting members: Kelly Way, Jody Davis, and Lona Robertson
Visitors: Donna Graham and Kelly Way
• Call to order: @ 2:00 PM April 12, Honors Hall
• Approval of Agenda:
Motion to approve agenda (Gbur), second (Kreider). Motion passed.
• Approval of previous minutes: (March 8, 2011)
Corrected meeting date and included Mary Savin as present.
Motion to approve agenda (Gbur), second (Kreider). Motion passed.
• Dean's Office Reports:
○ Dr Vayda or Jody Davis: Nothing to report
• Old Business: Dr. Kreider requested that the change to Policy and Procedures item be shifted to the end of the meeting so that we could more efficiently use our time.
○ AEED M.S. program request for degree to be available online or through distance delivery (Second reading) The committee had a general discussion of the definition of residency. Motion to approve second read of AEED M.S. program (Anthony), second (Costello). Motion passed.
○ Changes to Policy and Procedures Handbook for Curriculum Development
In the last meeting the committee suggested that David Kreider and Jody Davis work together to evaluate the most recent versions of the Handbook. It was determined that the 2003 document was the most relevant although a 2009 version was in preparation but derailed. It was determined that the 2009 version contained a great deal of redundancy and would be good for a living document while the 2003 would work as the official document after review of by the curriculum committee. Document will go to full committee for review.
• New Business:
○ AECT (AEED) program change (first and second reading)
Motion to approve change (Parsch), second (Kreider). Motion passed
○ ACOM minor change (first and second reading)
Motion to approve change (Parsch), second (Kreider). Motion passed
○ PUBP PHD program – GRE requirement (first and second reading)
○ PUBP PHD program – public policy management change (first and second reading)
Motion to approve change of both GRE and public policy management title (Parsch), second (Kreider). Motion passed
○ ENTO1023 – Insects and People (first reading)
It was decided that no action be taken on this course until further information on instructor, syllabus and if it will be included as part of the university science core. Item tabled.
• Announcements:
○ ENTO 6113 - Insect Physiology and Molecular Biology (title and description change)
• Adjourn Motion to adjourn (Anthony), second (Gbur). Motion passed