Nomination Guidelines for Outstanding Alumnus(a)


This award is given to distinguished alumnus(a). Section I A-D of the nomination must be limited to three (3) pages. Any alumnus(a) of the College may be nominated for the Outstanding Alumnus(a) Award by the College Alumni Society, an individual alumnus(a), any academic department or unit of the College or by an individual faculty member.

I. Nominee Information

A. Biographical Information
Please provide the name, current title and affiliation, current position responsibilities, address and phone number of the nominee.

B. Significant Contributions
Briefly discuss the most significant contributions and accomplishments of the nominee since

C. Education
List all the degrees awarded to the nominee, where they were obtained and in what field of study.

D. University Involvement
List honors, awards, clubs and activities associated with the University of Arkansas.

E. Supporting Materials
Please provide a current and complete resumé for the nominee.

II. Nominator Information

A. Provide the name, address and phone number of the nominator.

B. Provide letters of support (three maximum).

III. Application Guidelines (PDF)

A. Outstanding Alumnus(a)

B. Alumni Society Outstanding Advising Award



Mail the above information to:

Dean's office
E108 AFLS Building
University of Arkansas,
Fayetteville, AR 72701,
or FAX the material to the following number: 479/575-7273.