Spitze Public Policy Legislative Internship Award


An important aspect of leadership is an understanding of our legislative system and a willingness to become engaged in our democratic process. In order to help students experience the unique process of our democratic system of government and to better understand the theories of public policy development at either the state or federal level, Dr. Robert Spitze (BSA 1947) and Dr. Hazel Spitze (BSHE 1943) have established the Spitze Public Policy Legislative Internship Award. This award will provide $5,000 annually to support a Bumpers College student intern in a legislative or congressional office. Selection for the award will be made by the Scholarship Committee of the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences. Every effort will be made to provide a balance of internships representative of major political parties. A student may receive the award only once.  

Selection Criteria
* The student must be currently enrolled in a degree program in the Bumpers College.
* The student must have completed at least one and one-half years in their degree program, and
* Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
* The student must provide tangible evidence of a special career interest in public policy including having completed at least one course in political science, law or public policy.
* Enrollment in a Bumpers College Internship course will be required during the semester the internship is served.  

Application Procedures
* Submit a letter of application that includes a statement explaining his or her interest in a career in public policy and a list of courses taken in political science, law or public policy.
* Submit an academic resume that includes a list of awards and honors, extracurricular activities, special academic programs or summer programs, special class projects and summer or part time employment.
* Submit a letter of recommendation from an advisor, faculty member or other person who can address his or her potential.
* The deadline for nomination materials to be submitted will be announced each fall by the Office of the Dean.