Plant Pathology Minor Degree Plan



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A minimum of 19 semester hours including:

_____PLPA 3004 - Principles of Plant Pathology

_____ PLPA 400V – 


(3 credits) Research

Choose  3- 4 semester hours from:

_____PLPA 4223 --Plant Disease Control

_____PLPA 4304–Applied Plant Disease Management


Choose 9 semester hours from the following courses:

_____ BIOL 4233 – Genomics and Bioinformatics

_____ BIOL 4303–Plant Physiology

_____BIOL 4353–Ecological Genetics

_____ BIOL 4424–Mycology

_____BIOL 4753–General Virology

_____PLPA 4333–Biotechnology in Agriculture


Students declaring a minor must notify the Dean’s Office, Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences.


Students planning to minor in Plant Pathology must consult with an advisor in the

Department of Plant Pathology.


ID No.: ______________________________________________

Major Advisor: _________________________________________

Minor Advisor: _________________________________________

Declaration Date: _______________________________________


Copies to:


Major Advisor

Minor Advisor

AFLS Dean’s Office

Student’s Dean’s Office (if not AFLS)