Apparel Merchandising and Product Development Major

A bachelor's degree emphasizing Apparel Merchandising and Product Development opens the door for your career in fashion merchandising, product development, brand management, quality assurance and general clothing and textiles. The Apparel Merchandising and Product Development faculty routinely schedule guest lecturers from the apparel and textile industries to give you professional insight into today's career fields. This supplements a dynamic academic program that includes coursework in science, marketing, social science and liberal arts, as well as human environmental sciences and specialized areas of business and art.

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To apply for the School of Human Environmental Sciences scholarships listed below, students must completed Bumpers College Scholarship Application.  For more information, contact Patti Sanders (479-575-2596)

Name of Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

Adair, Ethel Owen

All HESC majors - Seniors (must have completed 90 hours and be in the top quarter of their class); show financial need and possess leadership qualities

Beling, Lucille Cobb

HESC major - Fr, So, Jr, Sr

Bryson, Beatrice S.

HESC majors - no restriction

Carnall Hall Alumni

HESC - Hospitality and Restaurant Management students who exemplify high standards, demonstrate leadership abilities and have enthusiasm for learning. The selection of the recipients shall be the responsibility of college's scholarship committee according to the following: majoring in the above, minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA and involvement in extracurricular activities.

Dalton, Jo P. & Bill T.

HESC major- up to three scholarships may be awarded each year - one each to a resident of Washington, Benton or Franklin counties. If a county has no recipient one year two could be awarded the next year.

Ferguson, Virginia

HESC major - Jr or Sr and a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron.

Gerber Endowed

Food Science, Vegetable Horticulture, Nutrition/Dietetics majors (preference to students with interest in pediatric nutrition); all levels - Four $1,000 scholarships are awarded each year depending on availability of funds (a department will get two scholarships every 3rd year).

Giffels, Irma Fitch

HESC majors - all levels demonstrating scholastic ability and financial need.

Gifford, Rebecca Sholly

HESC majors - Jr or Sr; member of Phi Upsilon Omicron; show financial need

Halbrook, Bobbye Jo Shepherd

HESC major with interest in pre-school child development; Jr or Sr with a GPA acceptable to the selection committee

Hicks, Harold & Iva

AEAB, CSES, HESC, ENTO - undergraduate - selected by the DBCAFLS scholarship committee.

Home Economics

HESC - all students (General HESC scholarship fund)

Human Environmental Sciences

HESC majors - all levels (General HESC scholarship fund)

Jackson, Hilliard & Eloise

Two scholarships annually, one to AEAB and one to HESC; Arkansas resident - prefer Crawford or Franklin counties; financial need to be considered. December grads cannot receive full amount in one semester.

Johnson, Juanise S.

HESC - all levels - The selection of recipients shall be made by a scholarship committee comprised of the following ex officio members: 1) department head of HESC, Fayetteville; 2) State Leader of Home Economics, U of A Cooperative Extension Service; 3) State Program Director, Consumer and Homemaking Education, Dept. of Vocational and Technical Education.

McNeal, Xzin

HESC & BAEG majors - at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA; need & merit to be considered.

Noyce, Eula M.

HESC - Human Development, Family Sciences and Rural Sociology major; Junior or senior; Financial need to be considered.

Sitton, Inez

HESC - all majors

Spitze, Hazel Taylor

HDFS, DIET, GHES, preferred majors - interest in education or public service; incoming freshman or returning student (out at least two years); at least a 3.0 cum GPA; one scholarship at $2,500.

Taylor, Manila & Alfred

HESC - HDFS, DIET, GHES (preferred majors) with interest in education or public service; incoming freshmen or returning student (out at least two years); 3.0 cum GPA at least; two at $2,500 each

Whan, Mary M. (Peggy)

HESC majors

White John W. in HESC (foundation)

HESC majors - financial need a priority

White John W. in HESC (foundation)

HESC majors - financial need a priority

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