Advising Transfer Students

Who is a Transfer Student?

Transfer students are students who have completed 24 or more transferable credit hours of college work at another institution.  Students with fewer than 24 transferable credit hours should apply as entering freshmen.

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Transfer Course Equivalence

The Registrar’s Office determines whether a course taken at another institution is acceptable for credit at the UA.  To advise prospective students on transferability of coursework, advisors should use the Transfer Course Equivalency web page

Coursework evaluated for transfer credit falls in three transfer designations:

  • Direct transfer credit, in which the course transfers to the UA as a specific course (eg. BIOL 1543).
  • General transfer credit, in which the course transfers to the UA for hour credit in a specific subject area but not as a specific course (eg. BIOL 199T).  General transfer courses that are determined to fulfill University Core requirements will have a designation of two Ts (eg. BIOL 199TT).
  • No transfer credit, in which the course does not transfer to the UA (eg. NOTR 9999).

A report of students’ transfer work accepted for credit at the UA is available on ISIS (Home>SA Self Service>Learning Management>Advisement>View Advisees’ Information [Transfer Credit Report]). 

Transfer Credit Petition

Students may petition the Registrar’s Office to review transfer credit issues.  The petition form is available on the Registrar’s Office web page (  Students will need to provide a catalog description and/or a course syllabus to substantiate an appeal.

Petition for D Grades and Non-Accredited Institutions

Please view the PDF at the Registrar's Website at



Residency Requirements

Transfer students must complete at least 30 hours at the UA to meet minimum residency requirements. They must also meet core and departmental requirements. A maximum of 68 hours of lower division transfer hours (1000 and 2000 level coursework) may be applied to a degree program.


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