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Dr. Michael Vayda
mike vaydaThe connection with an instructor and the bond with an advisor are two of the most valuable relationships a student will develop during his/her time in college.  Who better to discuss the career and life goals with a student than one who has followed in that same path?  Bumpers College continues to utilize a faculty model of advising, because it is an effective method that meets the developmental need of our students.

This Web site has been designed to provide you with the tools to help you facilitate a developmental relationship.  It provides clarification to many of the UA academic regulations, campus resources, and forms that will be useful in navigating through the developmental stages that each student will follow.

If you are a new advisor, you are encouraged to read in-depth the “Faculty” link  focusing your attention on the “New Advisor” link.  If you are a “not so new” advisor, I encourage you to review the links, paying special attention to the “Current Students” link.

In addition, it is important for you to continue to sharpen your skills.  A “Professional Development” link has been created to provide you with a reference to training materials presented at each of the annual information sessions.  Also, links can be found to professional organizations such as the Arkansas Academic Advising Network (ArkAAN) and the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).  You will find a plethora of advising resources, as well as information about state, regional and national conferences that will assist you in both understanding and advancement, of your role as an academic advisor.

As the College’s advising mission states, to “enhance the educational experience and maximize opportunities for students..” you are the key element that can influence the persistence and success of our students.  Thank you for your efforts.

Michael Vayda

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