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The Bumpers College Scholarship Office communicates with current students via email. Current UofA students receiving Bumpers College scholarships are strongly encouraged to check their University of Arkansas email frequently.



For more information, contact Patti Sanders (479-575-2596)

Scholarships for students in agriculture and human environmental sciences are made possible by generous gifts from many firms and individuals. The criteria for these scholarships include academics, financial need, interests, organizational involvement, etc.

By completing the online Bumpers College scholarship application, you will be considered for all of the following scholarships except those requiring a Separate Application.

Name of Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

ACACIA Corporation

All majors; all levels; one scholarship awarded each year

Adkins, Governor Homer

Agriculture major & Arkansas resident

AFLS - Division of Agriculture Land Grant

All majors, New Freshmen, New Transfers and Graduate Students. 3.25 high school gpa, transfer students must have a 3.00 minimum cumulative grade point average.

Agriculture Beginning Scholars

AFLS incoming freshmen - recruiting scholarships or 4-H record book winners; students usually have high ACT and high school GPA

Agriculture General Scholarship

All majors, upperclassmen and current students in the top 25%. 15 - 25 awards per year depending upon availability of funds.

Alexander, Robert and Marilyn Endowed

Any major, all grade levels. Recipients must demonstrate financial need, leadership abilities and exemplify high standards of learning.

Alpha Gamma Rho

Agri major - incoming freshman with agricultural background; 2.5 gpa; full time student (12 hours); one at $500; AGR members select recipient

Arkansas Agricultural Consultants Association

Crop Science undergraduate majors. Junior or senior grade level, prefer Arkansas residents with a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average. 

T. C. and Ada Anderson

Any major, all grade levels. Recipients must demonstrate financial need, leadership abilities and exemplify high standards of learning.

Bald Knob Ag Science

Any major, all grade levels. Recipients must demonstrate financial need, leadership abilities and exemplify high standards of learning.

Boyer, Paul & Irma

Prefer PPPM but all are eligible - one @ $3,000; incoming freshman; must earn a 2.5 cum GPA to receive the second semester award (CSES & ENTO need to work together on selection of PPPM recipient) * If student earn a 2.5 by end of second semester can reinstate for the third semester.

Boy's 4-H House Alumni

All majors, all levels; need & academics to be considered; prefer male students

Brown, Gordon R. - Lonoke County Farm Bureau

All majors; Lonoke County resident; So,Jr,Sr;

CAFLS Alumni

All majors - Sr with at least a 3.0 cum GPA; active in both college & university extra curricular activities; financial need to be considered.

Carney, Mr. & Mrs. Cy

Agriculture major & Arkansas resident - Fr, So, Jr, Sr; show financial need; (No HESC students)

Daughters of Demeter

All majors - Sr, Arkansas resident with at least a 3.0 cum GPA; show need, active in extra curricular activities

Davis, Eddie AM09

Recipients will be selected by the DBCAFLS scholarship committee. The amount of each scholarship shall be determined by the committee with due regard for the then current tuition for and available funds. Additional criteria set forth by the college include that the award be given to Agronomy majors with preference to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Davis, Jim (Memorial)

A permanent interest-bearing endowment awards funds and/or a student loan fund, at the sole discretion of the Administration of the College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

Elliott, Lester (Ozark Arts & Crafts)

All majors - preference given to current or former members of 4-H

Estelle, Luther & Edna

All majors - all levels, Arkansas resident or born in Arkansas; full time student with a 2.5 cum GPA, incoming freshmen should be in top 25% of their class (this can be renewed)

Ewart, Dr. & Mrs. James B.

New freshmen with 2 or more years of high school FFA; selection based on GPA, ACT, offices held -( recipient should attend state FFA convention in June where we present a certificate to selected recipients). The college decided for Arkansas residents only.

Fleming, Joseph F.

All majors, all levels, generally used for DBCAFLS Ambassadors

Gamma Sigma Delta

All majors - based on academics with preference given to financial need.

Gamma Sigma Delta - Lippert Ellis

All majors - Goes to the sophomore award winner (sophomore with the highest GPA at the end of the fall semester) if he or she enrolls as a junior in the following academic year.

Gamma Sigma Delta - John White

All majors - Usually goes to a junior who will be enrolling as a senior in the following academic year (can be a soph). Selection based on need (50%), GPA (30%) & leadership & participation (20%). Awarded to Agriculture/ HESC student in alternating years. HESC 06-07; AGRI 07-08

Jacobs, Clifford Bruce

Special Application - Arkansas County, New Freshman or ACTA transfer student, 2.5gpa, from DeWitt or Gillett high school majoring in crop mgmt second preference is Bumpers College. 

Richard Locke Int'l Agri. Study Abroad AM32

All majors. Students traveling to a foreign country. All arrangements for the international travel through the Int'l Agri. Program must be made by the student. Any unused portion must go back to principal account.

Maloch, Lucille & Delton

Two scholarships - one in HESC and one to an Agri student; preference to children of Coop Extension personnel; need & academics to be considered; (if not enough funds for 2 scholarships then awards are to alternate) 03-04 AGRI; 04-05 HESC; 05-06 AGRI; 06-07 HESC.

Mooty, Charlene S.

Established when Dean Mooty retired: In e-mail she stated she would like for it to go to an undergraduate student who will be going to Scotland to study & needs assistance. One time award to be closed after payment.

Morelock, Jane M.

All majors - new freshman 3.0 cum GPA; current student; active in Junior Angus Assn for at least 2 years, or have completed 4-H Beef project. 

Parette, Billie E.

All majors within the college - established in 1997 to be awarded to deserving undergraduates

Pickens, B. C.

Prefer Agriculture majors with primary consideration given to a dependent student of an employee or some other ties to R. A. Pickens & Son Company of Pickens, AR. Fr, So, Jr, Sr; Two scholarships at $1,000; financial need a consideration. Applicant must contact Mr. Jon Lambi, trustee.

Division of Agriculture -

CAFLS all majors - Fr, So, Jr, Sr; (used for ambassadors preferably, current students, & transfer students). Minimum 3.00 cumulative grade point average.

Rumsey III, Joseph F. AA68

All Majors. Preference to dependents of Zero Mountain Employees. Financial need. Minimum 2.5 GPA.

Short, Romeo E. - Arkansas Farm Bureau AA07

All majors - So, Jr, Sr; 30 hours per academic year; 3.0 cum GPA; Ten @ $2,000 per year; renewed with met criteria. College scholarship committee makes nominee list, this is sent to the Farm Bureau office and their committee ranks them and we award from their top picks.

Spitze Legislative Internship Award  All Majors - So., Jr., Sr. - 3.0 GPA - interest in public policy having completed at least one course in political science, law, or public policy.  Must be enrolled in a Bumpers College Internship course during the semester the internship is served.  Apply with separate application.

Stauber, Anna Stauber & Martin Stauber, Sr 

HESC and EDUC - Non-traditional students. Selection is the responsibility of the Deans of the two colleges or their designees, to be divided equally. The college scholarship committee will take recommendations from the HESC scholarship committee. 

Strang, E. E. & Roxie - Sebastian County Farm Bureau

All majors; So, Jr, Sr from Sebastian County; if all else is equal prefer member of Farm Bureau Nominee list is sent to Sebastian County Farm Bureau and they make the selection

Triangle Cooperative Service Company Scholarship

$1000 - All majors, Juniors or Seniors with agricultural cooperative background with a min. 2.5 gpa. Triangle companies may recommend names from eligible applicants to DBCAFLS Scholarship Committee. The committee makes the final decision.

Wright, Thomas & Hazel

Agriculture student; financial need; academic merit (this is awarded when donor makes a deposit into the spending account)


The 2015-2016 Scholarship Application will be open
January 1 - February 15, 2015.

The Bumpers College Scholarship Application is part of the university general application and is used for all Bumpers College undergraduates - incoming freshmen, new transfer students and current students.

ALL Bumpers College scholarship applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible in 2015. The FAFSA is required for many university, college and departmental scholarships.

For more information, contact Patti Sanders (479-575-2596), Associate Director of Scholarships.

Information for Students

  • To apply for Bumpers College and departmental scholarships, click here. 
    • Using the provided résumé template is recommended. (This is a .docx file.)
    • All applicants are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after submitting the scholarship application.
  • For instructions to accept a Bumpers College scholarship offer, click here.
  • For guidelines to write a thank you letter (if required), click here.  
  • Additional scholarship opportunities may still have open application deadlines. To view some of these opportunities, click the "Scholarships Offered" link below.

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